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We are offering exclusively to BITA member a firm 20% off our services and tools for Data Compliance and GDPR services. 

Protect Data Solutions (PDS) was founded due to increased demand and scarcity of quality resources locally and globally for qualified GDPR facilitators and services that needs to be delivered to you our valued partner.

Based on challenges learnt, our clients successes in various industries, Global businesses established by our founders, the magnitude, impact and risk of General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) is curved to a manageable process to become compliant, the opportunity to become GDPR Compliant using PDS Tool Kit and facilitation services is the innovative is the streamlined and reduced risk from a gathered team of legal and cyber security experts specialized in data protection who's mandate is to design and implement a practical response to compliance under the GDPR, that response forms the fundamentals of our current ecosystems of solutions offerings and Tool Kit.

Understanding that GDPR compliance is not a destination, but a journey, Protect Data Solutions endeavours to become your reference to GDPR and data protection regulations. In our dynamic and growing Global team, our products, facilitation and Tool Kits are designed for specific business sectors relevant to your specific industry.

Data Compliance and GDPR GAP Analysis:

Is the process we used to identify the areas that needs immediate attention, we can set priorities to focus on these areas. This allows us to help you implement Stop GAPS, processes and procedures that are required by GDPR and Data Protection regulations. All of which is available through the purchasing of our Tool Kit and other value-added services. This is a paid for engagement and based on the size and complexity of your organisation we shall be able to quote with estimate of time and costings.

Data Compliance and GDPR Website Audit

Our data protection consultants can assess your Website’s compliance with the GDPR once your reviewing process is finished. Our Website audit includes analysing website’s following features:

  • Compliance of data collection points with the GDPR’s transparency principle – Privacy Policy/Notice, Cookie Policy, Terms and Conditions, Consent forms;
  • Adequacy and lawfulness of any third-party involvement on your website (with regards to personal data);
Adequacy and lawfulness of data flow on/transfer from your website.

Data Compliance and GDPR Data Mapping

Data mapping tracks the flow of data to, through and from your organisation. More specifically, a data map (or data flow) should give you the following information regarding the personal data under your control:

  • Data entry points (including data format, legal basis, data subjects);
  • Points that data passes through when processed;
  • Storage point (including retention periods);
  • Data accessibility;
  • Exit/sharing points
 We will provide you with detailed assessment that shows your organisation’s data flow, giving you the ability to view and address your data privacy related gaps and risks.

Data Compliance and GDPR PEN Testing

A penetration test, colloquially known as a pen test, is an authorized simulated attack on a computer system, performed to evaluate the security of the system. ... For example, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard requires penetration testing on a regular schedule, and after system changes.

At Protect Data Solutions we ensure that through our methodical testing measurements on a regular basis, your systems and process not only become secure but remain as such.

Data Compliance and GDPR Consulting Services

We get to understand your business better and which areas needs to be addressed, we at Protect Data Solutions shall either guide or help you implement these required actions.

In our consulting services, your business will gain access to an internal international team that are focused and specialised in relevant areas of GDPR that your business needs to become compliant. Based on the results of the GAP Analysis we are able to provide you with budgetary pricing on our services with estimated time frames for delivery, this proposal can include guidelines and recommendation of partners for areas/ services that we at Protect Data Solutions do not provide.

Data Compliance and GDPR Inhouse training

We offer now a teach the teacher method of Data Protection process and legislation training. We are able to provide remote training and material for specific departments that deal with Personal Data or that need to be updated regarding the latest in the regulations.

For example, we shall train your HR department on what information is relevant to kept, is allowed to be shared and information that is relevant or irrelevant to your business. Training to a sales and marketing departments and what information they need to conduct their jobs efficiently.

In accordance with the compliance laws all staff in your organisation are to know the relevance of Data Protection in the organisation and the jobs.  We at Protect Data Solutions shall ensure that your staff meet these requirements and shall help in the creation of orientation manuals relevant to Data Protection.

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