New Business Energy Legislation! – Free assessment!

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Energy Consultancy, Energy Management Workshop (EMW), have a timely and important offer for BITA members.

They are offering to provide a Free comprehensive assessment of your risks and strategy in regards to your energy costs.

This is particularly important due to new KVA legislation mentioned in our News section that has the potential to triple this costing element, as well as other ‘non-commodity’ cost changes in the energy industry.

These have the potential to add further significant increases to your business energy costs (up to 65% of your energy bill).

EMW are privy to this information and will share it with you as part of their review. It isn’t widely available in the public domain and has the potential to catch businesses out.

You may have already started to notice your costs increasing.

Utilising over 13 years of industry experience, EMW will set out a plan, as part of their review, to assist in minimising your costs as much as possible as well as helping to protect your business from these increases.

Their average customer savings are 27%  - with many satisfied clients including some BITA members, who themselves have saved thousands of pounds and have a plan in place.

This is a great offer, and has the potential to save you a lot of money, time and stress from now and over the next few years!


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End date: 30 Sep 2018

Business: Energy Management Workshop

Contact: Andrew James House, Bridge Road