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Does finding the right image seem like an uphill struggle? You know the one, that perfect picture that shows exactly what your business is and what it does? Or does finding that "WOW” image for your annual report or marketing brochure seem impossible? Well, we feel your pain and it's all about to end.

We have just launched 4 new packages which will remedy all of these "I HAVEN'T GOT TIME FOR” moments. We have put together some pretty special rates for them too. So your company can save time, money and get even better value for it. We will even set up an archive, that you and your partners can draw upon for those vital press releases, corporate brochures, annual and interim reports or whatever else you might need that fab image for. Right image, Right place, Right time.

Packages are designed for specific or individual projects and can be increased or decreased depending on what is required. Invoices are billed on a quarterly basis to help manage budgets. 

We are offering BITA members 10% off, across all packages on our website, and are also offering an introductory 50% discount on day rates for your first booking.


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End date: 31 Mar 2018

Business: Ian Atkinson Photography

Contact: 94 Woodfield Road

Website: http://www.ianatkinsonphotographer.com