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The legislation for the Construction Design Management regulations changed in 2015 throughout the UK, and whilst a lot of companies have embraced the new requirements, some are still struggling to get there head around their new responsibilities. That's where we can help! CDM 2015 applies to the whole construction process for all construction projects, from concept to completion, and includes a vast range of activities including even some maintenance activities. Did you know that if there is more than one contractor working on a project, then the client has to appoint a principal designer and a principal contractor? Does the client, principal designer and principal contractor know what their responsibilities are? We can give you advice on all of these responsibilities, please email us to arrange a call back at - It is a free, no obligation chat, and we promise not to bombard you with calls or emails afterwards.

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End date: 31 Dec 2017

Business: Terra Firma 360 ltd

Contact: The Hive Enterprise Centre, The Old Central Library