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With the world realising that they can indeed work online, especially in the professional industries, Poppins Pa is well placed to support you on your journey. It's not uncommon to be referred to as an 'online Mary Poppins'.

Working alongside high profile business owners & entrepreneurs (invisibly!) we support you in various ways; whether it is organising your diary so you can log into zoom meetings on time & up to date or researching your next family holiday, or sourcing a special gift for a loved one so you can continue to focus on work & daily life, Poppins Pa is passionate about what we support our clients with.

We work in alignment of our values, Support, Passion & Honesty. We understand that you have worked hard to get to where you are & you need some downtime & support with your busy professional & personal life, let us help you with that.

Our team has decades of experience working with high profile leaders in their field. We recognise that working to our strengths we can all succeed together, to live life seamlessly!

Products and Services:

Diary management
Being a gatekeeper
Lifestyle support / personal errands
Recruitment & supervision of private staff
Travel bookings of all kinds

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