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About Platform Medicals

We at Platform Medicals started out with a vision. That vision was to offer a high-quality, client-driven service that not only met the needs of our clients but went above and beyond their expectations. We feel that we have reached this vision. But we are not stopping there! We believe thare are always new ways to best serve our clients and to offer them a package that suits their needs at the best price possible.
Platform Medicals Corporate Reports offer a unique overview of the health and wellbeing of a company’s employees. HR departments can now review clear, graphically illustrated and anonymous data that show the health risks present in the workforce. Using these reports, management can:

  • Measure Health & Wellness ROI
  • Introduce new health programmes & Accelerate changes
  • Improve CSR
  • Enhance ethical standards to ensure the health, happiness and productivity of its people
  • Make their company one of the best places to work.

Leading organisations will always be driven by the performance of their workforces, and a Platform Medicals Corporate Report will help them to transform health and improve that performance.

Platform Medical Benefits
  • Employees are empowered to improve their own health.
  • Participants engage further by the ability to track their progress over time.
  • The Corporate Report provides anonymous high level analysis of the company’s health risks.
  • Companies invest significantly in health & wellbeing. The Corporate Report enables measurement of ROI and informs next steps.
  • Platform Medical minimises disruption to employees and optimises efficiency at every step of the process. This saves time and money.
  • Platform Medical is an industry award winning health & wellbeing technology that delivers proven results.

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