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About OntoPay

Secure payment made simple

OntoPay™ is a smart-phone payment app that simplifies online payments. OntoPay™ verifies the identity of the purchaser, obtains the permission of the payer, and makes the payment, all in a few taps of the phone screen. The app provides convenience for the user while protecting their financial privacy as it removes the need to enter card details online.

OntoPay™ uses a worldwide patent pending four factor authentication (4FA) technology. Convenient OntoPay™ allows you to make online payments simply and securely in seconds with just a few taps of your phone screen, anywhere you see the OntoPay™ payment option displayed. Store all of your payment cards and simply select which one you wish to use for a payment. OntoPay™ stores a record of your shops and transactions so you can quickly recall a shop or transaction. Share your shops with your friends. Registration with OntoPay™ takes no longer than doing a traditional online transaction.

OntoPay™ protects your financial privacy. No need to provide your payment card details to the seller. No need to save your payment details with several merchants. OntoPay™does not share or use your shopping preferences or data. Your payment cards are saved in one secure place on our Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Storage Standard (DSS) Level 1 certified compliant server system in the UK. When you register your card details, they are hidden away and their details are never transmitted or shared to make a payment. Instead one time transaction tokens are used and transmitted through 256 Bit SSL encryption. No personal or payment card details are stored on your phone so you are protected if your phone is stolen.

OntoPay™ verifies the identity of the purchaser, obtains the permission of the payer, and makes the payment, all in a few taps of a phone screen. OntoPay™ provides 4 factor authentication to the payment transaction for each transaction. Most online payments with your card have zero factor authentication, meaning anyone can use your card in an online transaction as they don’t have to prove they are the cardholder and no card PIN is involved. OntoPay™ is phone specific and each transaction authorisation requires your chosen PIN.

OntoPay™ is free to download and use. A small transaction fee is payable by the merchant. More Information on our website @ www.ontopay.com

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