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About Mental Health and Life

We deliver fully accredited and licensed online and classroom based Mental Health First Aid and First Aid At Work courses to individuals, organisations and businesses UK wide.
We Provide Mental Health First Aid Consultancy services and UK's only Mental Health First Aid with ASIST Suicide intervention courses to organisations and businesses UK wide.

We are approved for funding by Liverpool City Council.

We can offer: 

Mental Health First Aid Courses
Mental Health First Aid Consultancy
Mental Health with (ASIST) Suicide Intervention Courses
First Aid at Work Level 3 courses

Liverpool City Council Funded Courses

70% Funded for Organisations in Liverpool

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Richie Perera    News    23 Sep 2020

Mental Health First Aid Courses For The Construction Industry SO WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? At any given time, One fifth of the construction workforce in the UK is off work due to mental health issues, leading to 3 suicides per week First Aid For Mental Health is not only about suicide prevention when it comes to the construction Industry. First Aid For Mental Health Courses can help with Time Management and how to deal with Pressure and Stress on a daily basis. First Aid For Mental Health teaches you self help strategies to deal with alcohol and substance abuse and trains you on ways to relax and ease the pressure on both your physical and mental health Most importantly it trains you on how to open up and talk about mental health! Our courses won't teach you to be a therapist, but we will teach you to listen, reassure and respond, even in a crisis - and even potentially stop a crisis from happening. But more than that, we aim to give you the information and skills to look after your own mental health so that you can set an example for workers around you. By giving you the tools to have these conversations, we hope to empower you to create a mentally healthy, supportive environment in your family, workplace and peer group or community. Let's create a future where mental health is treated as a normal part of life, in the same way as physical health. A future where every construction worker has access to support if they need it. LETS CHANGE THINGS STEP BY STEP, PERSON BY PERSON, ORGANISATION BY ORGANISATION, THIS IS NOT WORK THIS IS LIFE!

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