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M3 Media Publishing is a specialist content marketing group. We have a multi-platform approach, across a diverse range of sectors, to get businesses to attract, connect, engage and generate new business opportunities.

We explore different channels to get your message across to your intended audience, to engage with the people you want to reach and to turn them into prospects and confirmed customers.

We can also provide you with the necessary support and mentoring to ensure you successfully embed social media engagement in your business development and business generation strategies.

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David Lomas    News    11 Dec 2019

How much is the traditional view of British reticence true when it comes to businesses and entrepreneurs? For SMEs, PR can be an essential tool in how they market themselves, but not everyone is comfortable with the idea of singing their own praises. Also, this can have its pitfalls, if a business chooses the wrong channels for the tone of voice its PR is adopting. For example, the business-is-personal aspects of LinkedIn can make it a minefield for companies seeking to spread the news about their achievements. What, then, are the best ways for businesses to send out positive PR messages about themselves and what they have accomplished? WHERE IS THE VALUE? For PR to work there has to be substance behind it, and a buy-in for the channels you are using. What will make someone want to publish your story, or a journalist to use your PR as the basis for a piece about you? As with other aspects of marketing, the content needs to work for its intended audience. Talking up your achievements can only work if, ultimately, there is something of value there for the reader to take away Also, what is the value of your PR to the publication, website, channel, or to the individual journalist? They are looking for strong content to attract their audience, just as you are looking for ways to promote your brand. BUILD YOUR CREDIBILITY Credibility attracts and sells. Media coverage is a means of promoting yourself as an expert and your brand as the answer to people’s needs. Sharing your expertise boosts your profile but, more importantly, appeals to your audience. However, credibility is not easy to establish, especially through digital channels. Nowadays, everyone appears to be an expert, from the lone blogger upwards. You may feel you have bragging rights due to your achievements but this comes back to having something of substance to say: you must demonstrate your value. Case studies can fulfil this need. Presented in the right way and they can combine documentary evidence with potent storytelling. Be sure to include figures to back up the facts. Written testimonials make a powerful case for credibility, and video testimonials even more so. You can leverage these further by writing the testimonial for your clients, and asking them to take ownership of it on your behalf. THE THIRD-PARTY ENDORSEMENT If you are clever and strategic about your PR, you can have others talk about you, rather than doing the talking yourself. Someone commenting about your brand, or highlighting your views through a credible, recognised third party channel, can add to your authority significantly Smart PR is not about you doing the shouting, but someone else doing it on your behalf. You still retain your bragging rights, but you are exercising them in a strategic way to help market your brand. M3 Media Publishing can help you to achieve your bragging rights, through our credible, third party channel - our portfolio of sector-specific, digital magazines. Contact us to discover how.

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