Ambassadors Challenge Cup

This is the Construction Industry's very own Ryder Cup. This challenge is becoming a must for all golfers with a slightly patriotic urge. 2016 saw Ireland take the lead with the score now at 2-1 in a highly competitive and fun packed day.Will you help even up the score? Or do you want to make it 3-1?

Take a look at last year's event here....

This is a classic battle of golfing prowess, pitching players representing Ireland (BITA) versus players representing Great Britain (Lighthouse Club). GB need to excel in 2017 to stop Ireland pulling away. The competition will be played on the stunning Bernard Hunt course at Foxhills. It could be your chance to win your first “cap” for your country! We would like to thank National Safety Supplies for sponsoring this event.

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Date: 29-09-2017

Time: 7:30 - Midnight

Price: Free

Tel: 0345 609 1956


Stonehill Road
KT16 0EL



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