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About Crowley Carbon

Crowley Carbon is one of the world’s fastest-growing industrial energy services companies - we save your business energy, money and carbon and we GUARANTEE the numbers!

By combining many projects together we can make a big impact on the energy consumption & carbon reduction of your site. We work in the Food & Drink, Building sectors, Oil & Gas, Heavy industry, manufacturing, Plastics, Automotive, Pharma & Chemical sectors. 

We saved businesses in 2019 on average between 20 - 30% on their energy bills. 

Products and Services: 

Crowley Carbon is a turn-key energy solution business who have specialised engineers that have in-depth knowledge and an international bank of experience dealing in Air Compressors, Air Handling Systems, Boilers, Cogen, PowerGen, Lighting, Motors, Process plant, Refrigeration, DSU/DS3, Utility Procurement, Battery Storage & Solar. 

PlanetClarity™ delivers industrial-scale, tailored solutions that optimize and transform the way energy is consumed in large production and manufacturing industries in a cost-effective manner. Our software platform analyses everything from individual machines to entire sites, plants and areas, enabling manufacturing setups to benefit from holistic, scalable energy management and process improvements as they expand their operations. 

Our Cool Planet Experience is the first climate action visitor experience in the world offering a unique education programme, corporate training and team building events. Our mission is to engage, educate and INSPIRE climate action. We are transforming world-leading businesses from the inside out, reshaping their operations to create zero-carbon businesses. We are already working with leading companies to eliminate plastic packaging, create innovative models to deploy renewable technologies and invest in native forestry to sequester carbon. 

RealSafeAlways in our safety management system designed by global safety experts which removes irrelevant form filling and bureaucratic red tape by connecting teams, tasks, equipment and companies with all the right information they need in real-time to do their job safely. Its a digital history that can be stored securely & tracked easily; that can verify data origins, attributes and ownership, as well as task completion in the cloud in real-time. 

Accessible to all and capable of integration. RealSafeAlways will revolutionise workplace safety by delivering peace of mind and an enhanced safety reputation for companies. 

Crowley Solar also offers a tailored industrial Solar solution for its clients. We have a combination of projects either completed or in development in the UK, Hungary, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Australia, Ghana & Puerto Rico. 

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Free energy assessment

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