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As a certified stress management consultant, I show people in all walks of life how to control their stress. For far too long I’ve seen and read so many clueless and often harmful approaches to what so-called ‘experts’ out there say about ‘getting rid of stress.’ Crazy ideas like opening windows to breathe in fresh air, going for a walk, shouting affirmations to yourself while looking in a mirror, or walking on hot coals, none of which have anything to do with reducing stress levels. For the past 25 years I’ve been helping people around the world in both the private and public sectors, professional, academic, and workers at every level – get their stress sorted out. My methods work, because they’re based on the truth about stress, not a handful of gimmicks that set you up to fail from the word go. I've served as an advisor to private business and government in Canada, the Caribbean, United Kingdom, Africa and the Middle East. I am also an the author of the international best selling book Choice & Change - How to have a healthy relationship with our self and others. I have appeared on BBC, Lagos Live, and been featured in Essentials Magazine, Caribbean Week, The Barbados Advocate and many more. For additional information, and information on upcoming events, please visit

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