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About Ches Moulton

I specialise in helping high achievers suffering from stress and dysfunctional relationships.

Working internationally throughout the past 20 + years, I've successfully raised awareness to hundreds of company executives and corporate staff of the need to modify their actions and reactions to the people, places, and things that impact them on a daily basis. 

The problem is that many corporate captains unconsciously allow unresolved issues from childhood to impact their decision making process and interfere with their business and personal relationships. Leaders are human, and they struggle with the choices they face just like the rest of us. 

The 2nd problem is dysfunction is so prevalent it’s often not even recognized as problematic. Many corporations just desire leaders to go along and get along more than they desire them to lead.The root cause is usually related to having an inappropriate level of esteem and confusing their wants and needs

While many of these individuals are oblivious to their own dilemma, those who suspect there is a problem and contemplate getting help, don't clearly understand the kind of help they require.

The normal course of action seems to be that of sending the executive or staff member on a short leave, believing some extra rest will magically make the problem go away.

Currently I manage a successful practice and since 1999 have designed, developed and delivered mental skills training programmes for business leaders.

I'm known for providing lightbulb moments. 

I am redefining people's experience of what it means to have a healthy relationship with themself and others and reshaping the way in which people view their environment.

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