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Raising Money for Charity - One Marathon After Another!

We love hearing about the secret talents and passions of our members, be it singing, cycling or something else. So it was great to hear that Tamsin Simmons from construction and property law firm, Silver Shemmings Ash LLP was running the Jurassic Coast Challenge. This gruelling event is staged over three days and consists of running three marathons, off-road, one after the other. All in the name of charity! After all that effort, it was great to hear from Tamsin who not only finished, but nearly came 1st! "I am so happy to say that I completed the Jurassic Coast Challenge 2018 on Sunday afternoon and it is with a mix of emotions that I can say I have finally got the monkey off my back. I hadn’t mentioned previously that I had attempted it in 2015 and not been able to start the final day and that I had then entered last year but for personal reasons been unable to take part and so to finish it has a special meaning for me and it was very emotional crossing the finish line after 3 days of more than a marathon each day. The finish was a mile or so along a sandy beach, which sounds idyllic but I thought it was never going to end! Even happier to discover when the results came out that I was the first female and third overall! I was ecstatic!

I had forgotten how brutal the Jurassic coastline is but was suitably reminded on the first day after the steep hills, thick mud and shingle beaches! but such efforts are always rewarded with beautiful views and worth every bit of discomfort and I even got to take one or two pictures on my way around.  I have to confess that there were a few occasions where I nearly went the wrong way, sometimes it's not obvious where the path is! Luckily there were always other people on hand and we all muddled through, the camaraderie was fantastic and makes such a difference. It also helped to have in mind the fact that in taking part in this event I would be helping the efforts of two brilliant charities addressing real needs in peoples lives and I would love it if my efforts could still make that difference so please feel free to contribute on my fundraising page, no matter how little or how much,  it is not too late so let’s see if we can meet the target." 

Tamsin, we salute you! Anyone who wants to help Tamsin reach her target and donate money to the Lighthouse Club UK and Aisling Charities, please visit her fundraising page!