Networking in the New Normal

As the Covid19 pandemic unfolded, BITA, along with all of our member organisations quickly moved to new ways of working.  During that period we also took time to take stock and reflect on the relevance of our mission and whether we were still going to be able to carry on.


A survey of our members and sponsors indicated a resounding “Yes!”.  It is in that context that I’ve been delighted to see so many members joining our webinar series and social networking with one another via Zoom.  The sense of community we have always been so careful to build has continued, and I’m certain members are finding immense value from the content we are sharing through the BITA Community Hub as well as the sharing in the more light hearted events – a welcome respite in challenging times.


In the first of a series of articles with our Platinum Sponsor, Kerry London Ltd., Neon Mavromatis, Managing Director of Construction and I were reflecting earlier this week on the importance of business networking in the so called “new normal”.  Our experience at BITA tells us that strong business partnerships are forged on communication – historically through our networking and sharing together in both educational and social events.  Above all it creates that friendly sense of belonging and community.


Neon commented, “Paul, I couldn’t agree more.  Right now people want to hear from you, to hear from your businesses. Simply picking up the phone and connecting in tough times can mean a huge amount to our fellow business leaders.  BITA has always done a fantastic job of connecting us, and now ever more so it’s important to retain those strong links.”


I asked Neon what sort of information and content people he is working with are looking for.  Once again it seems there’s very much a shared view.  “Clients are seeking content with high levels of relevance for their sector and the impact that COvid19 has had on their businesses.  In addition, where companies are able to genuinely demonstrate empathy for their clients in how they behave and operate, that’s going to be the thing that’s remembered as we come out of lockdown.”


“The message from me is that we are open for business and here to help.  Technology has enabled our business, like BITA to continue to operate and serve our clients with the same high standards we’ve always prided ourselves on.  Indeed, in the middle of the lockdown, I’m really proud that we’ve been able to support a fellow BITA member and get the cover to suit both their business and personal needs.”