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Let's NOT kill all the lawyers...

We are lucky at BITA to have great members representing some truly incredible employees. Vince Dignam, Dan Rosewell, James Halligan and more have all done some very impressive feats recently to raise money for charity, and have really made a difference in people’s lives. 

We have been working with construction and real estate legal firm Silver Shemmings Ash LLP for a while now, and they have been kind enough to offer free seminars to our members which help them expand their knowledge base. One of the solicitors is going even further to shake off the negative lawyer image; she is running 3 marathons in 3 days, in the Jurassic Coast Challenge to raise money for two charities that are very close to us – the Lighthouse Club, and the Aisling Project. 

Tamsin Simmonds discovered her love of running in Uni, and has been participating in races since, starting at 5K and in the last few years has run marathons, managing a very impressive 3 hours 6. Not content with just running for 26 miles, she decided to make it  a bit different  by running off road – or trail running. Apparently, the added spice of a potentially twisted ankle, or on one memorable occasion nearly getting blown off a cliff, adds interest!

After attempting this notorious challenge back in 2015 and being unable to complete it, she is determined that she will succeed this time, and has been training very hard. She says that she is ‘pretty confident that I can finish this time around as long as I can stay healthy and injury free! There is always a slight doubt in my mind because it is a very tough course, but I have some family and friends coming along to cheerlead, so there is no way I can fail this time!’ 

As a lawyer it could be difficult to fit in training, but regular runs before work, followed by some long runs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday finish off the week! This is a shame as it makes me (and probably many others) realise that the excuse of ‘I just don’t have time’ doesn’t really cut it. Thanks Tamsin. 

As with many of us working with BITA, the Lighthouse Club and Aisling have special significance for Tamsin. As a property lawyer working for a construction law and real estate law firm, she knows all too well about the issues that can arise, even with today’s focus on health and safety in the workplace. ‘The statistics on work place injury and stress related illness are shocking. There needs to be more awareness of these facts, and the Lighthouse Club works to achieve this and to support those affected, which is why I wanted to support them’. The Aisling Project has also been chosen as a beneficiary. Its aims of helping vulnerable people in our society that suffer from isolation and loneliness, by enabling them to reach out and connect with family and friends is one that speaks to us all.

If you’d like to support Tamsin, the Lighthouse Club and Aisling Project charities, visit her fundraising page

Tamsin starts the Jurassic Coast Challenge on the 23rd March, we can only hope that the snow clears up by then (although she might like the extra challenge). Good luck Tamsin!