Dr. Casey welcomes new British Ambassador.

At a recent reception in Farmleigh House, Dr. Casey explained that the Irish economy faces many unique challenges as a result of Brexit. Ireland’s exports to Britain are worth more than £1bn each month, with the demand strongest for food, machinery and chemicals. Nonetheless, Irish businesses,” he believes,” are far too preoccupied with the British market. We need to become more open, more creative, more entrepreneurial  with regard to opportunities in Scandinavia, South America, Asia and the Middle East. In the long term, I’m in no doubt that Ireland’s commercial outlook will have to become more global as our nearest neighbour becomes a more difficult place to secure business. This will naturally require our Universities adopting a new educational and cultural approach as to how other nationalities trade in highly competitive markets. In the short term, as the euro ticks ever closer toward parity with the pound, the task will be to maintain profit margins and, for some, simply staying in business.”