Dermot O'Grady - Freeman of the City of London

Thursday 4th July marked a very special day for our very own Dermot O’Grady. Dermot, who is the Managing Director of Ardent Tide and Vice President of BITA Ltd, was awarded Freeman of the City of London. This prestigious award grants him the very useful abilities to herd sheep or cattle across Tower Bridge (which we’re sure he’ll take full advantage of); and should the police ever find him intoxicated, they should escort him home instead of arresting him. Useful for those ‘networking’ nights!

One of the oldest surviving traditional ceremonies still in existence today, this award is believed to have first been presented in 1237. The granting of this Honorary Freedom is rare, and only given to Royalty, Heads of state or to figures of genuine global standing. In this century, most of the practical reasons for obtaining the Freedom of the City have disappeared nevertheless it remains as a unique part of London’s history. Some of the esteemed alumni of the award include people such as Morgan Freeman, Bill Gates, Princess Diana, and now Dermot O’Grady!

Mr O’G rady joined BITA as a member shortly after it was formed in 2013, and we are very pleased that he did so. Dermot is a family man who originally moved to the UK in 1989 but now commutes weekly between Kerry and London. He is managing Director of Ardent Tide Ltd, an outsourced payroll company specialising in Construction and is a committee member of the London Lighthouse Club and Chairman of the West London Irish Society.

So from the BITA board a very big Well Done to Mr Dermot O’Grady. Your dedication, hard work and determination has helped you obtain a very admirable award, Dermot the Freeman, you have achieved your well-earned ‘key to the City’.

Listen to a radio interview with Dermot from Radio Kerry on the TalkAbout programme: