Delays and Disruptions in Construction Contracts from Silver Shemmings Ash LLP

Our motto is ‘people who know people that help people’, and we always strive to live up to it, whether we are holding events to help people form new connections or offering educational workshops. We were especially pleased to be working with construction and property law firm, Silver Shemmings Ash LLP in offering a free educational seminar and networking event to our members. This is the second of a series of five seminars that we will be holding this year in conjunction with SSA, and was held on the 11th April at the Grange City hotel in London.

Henry Hathaway, BITA board member and Associate Solicitor at SSA, ran the seminar, sharing his expertise on delays and disruptions in construction contracts, and how to deal with the issues that all too often arise. With the money involved high and the potential consequences dire, it is crucial that we do all we can to avoid issues in the first place and ensure that we are covered as best as possible when forming those initial contracts.

This seminar offered advice on how to do just that, informing attendees on frequently encountered issues, what to look out for, things to consider and forward thinking necessary to combat problems before they present themselves. As Henry said on the day, 80 – 90% of the problems that arise on construction projects are formed when the initial contract is signed, and it’s only as the job goes on that they manifest. As with everything else, prevention is better than the cure, and that goes double for lawyers, so we would suggest that you make sure you have contracts that you are happy with instead of having to deal with issues down the line!

These seminars are of unparalleled value for our members, providing free advice and information that would usually cost upwards of £300 an hour, and once again the feedback from the day was exceptional (to insert examples of exceptional feedback and from who).

Information and notes from the day are available, please contact laura@bita.ie, and the next seminar will be on the 27th June, details to follow.

If you would like to discuss anything to do with delays and disruptions in construction contracts, or have any other questions, you can either email your query to Henry directly on henryhathaway@silverllp.com or arrange a meeting to discuss by emailing Julie on juliecamp@silverllp.com. SSA also offer frequent Breakfast Seminars on various contractual topics which are free to attend , email juliecamp@silverllp.com for a full 2018 listing and details