A message to our members

While the British and Irish Trading Alliance (BITA) is disappointed with the outcome of the referendum and the consequential instability that it will inevitably cause, which has already been demonstrated by the historic fall in sterling, it is BITA’s objective to support British and Irish Businesses.

Accordingly, and with immediate effect, BITA will investigate all avenues and opportunities to achieve this goal.

So far as the Irish economy is concerned, there is no doubt that there will be short term, and indeed immediate implications for Irish exports of trade and services. But there will also be positive opportunities. Companies that want to base themselves in the European Union will choose to locate in Ireland, which is something that has brought significant benefits to the Irish economy already. BITA will encourage the Irish Government to do all they can to concentrate on and encourage this.

Since BITA’s foundation in 2012, we have demonstrated our significant support for the business community; from individual traders to industry sectors. We are grateful to our members for their support in helping BITA to achieve its aims, and we will work tirelessly to help you achieve yours.

Paul Whitnell, President of BITA (in conjunction Michael Kingston of the Irish Cultural Centre, Hammersmith, London)